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I am Eade Kunst, a self-taught visual artist. I've adopted the pseudonym 'Eade Kunst' to simplify my name for those unaccustomed to longer names. My art is a reflection of personal experiences and fantastical expressions, challenging perceptions and stirring emotions. Through figurative or abstract forms, I aim to unveil the beauty and complexity of life, portraying the human condition with depth and nuance. My signature style revolves around the concept of 'finding satisfaction through life's incompleteness,' each piece telling a unique story of the pursuit of fulfilment. Using irregular metal pieces, I craft figurative shapes where broken areas are integral, enhancing depth and symbolizing life's imperfections. The glamorous appearance and textures represent the beauty found in understanding life's imperfections.With every sculpture, I hope to inspire positivity and celebrate life's moments. I believe in art's transformative power, aspiring to spread joy, understanding, and appreciation for life's beauty through my work. Let's connect through the universal language of art.

Sculptures Crest Of Jaloysius
Sculptures Seeking Reality
Sculptures Resurrection
Sculptures Wings to Fly
Sculptures Awakening of Gaia
Sculptures Blossom of Existence
Sculptures Mahadev: A Contemporary Sculpture of Lord Shiva
Sculptures The Secret Heart: A Sculpture of Love and Joy
Sculptures The Enchanted Moose
Sculptures Tree of the Nobles – From Dreams to Great Victories
Sculptures Gaia: The Divine Personification of Earth
Sculptures “Alone in the Lakeside”: A Contemporary Sculpture Celebrating the Artistry of Swan Lake
Sculptures The Vivid Pointe : Ballerina’s Graceful Goodbye
Sculptures “Two Graces”: A Story of Love and Connection
Sculptures The Story of “Thespis the First Actor”

Feel free to reach out for inquiries, commissions, or to simply connect with the artist. Dananjaya looks forward to hearing from you and sharing his extraordinary world of metal transformation.

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