Tree of the Nobles – From Dreams to Great Victories

The Tree of the Nobles is a contemporary sculpture that beautifully captures the emotions that arise when we achieve our ambitions. The sculpture is consist of an old and well-grown tree, a Pegasus that is connected to the tree, and a foal that gazes at the majestic creature in wonder. The tree is symbolic of the years of education, experiences, sacrifices, courage, and hard work that are required to achieve our ambitions. Just like a tree, our ambitions require us to plant a seed, nurture it, and watch it grow over time. This requires patience, persistence, and dedication - qualities that are embodied in the tree. Pegasus, on the other hand, represents the exhilaration and freedom that comes with achieving our goals. Pegasus is a creature that is powerful, free, and able to soar to great heights. When we achieve our lifelong goals, we too experience a sense of power and freedom, and we feel like we can fly. The foal represents those who are still dreaming about their life goals and working hard to achieve them. Like the foal, they are full of hope, enthusiasm, and energy. They look up to Pegasus with admiration and awe, and they are inspired to keep working hard until they can fly like Pegasus. The Tree of the Nobles is a reminder that the journey to achieving our ambitions is not easy, but it is worth it. We must plant the seed, nurture it, and watch it grow over time. We must be patient, persistent, and dedicated. And when we finally achieve our goals, we will experience a sense of power, freedom, and exhilaration that is unlike anything else. Dimensions: 80cm x 56cm x 52cm Materials: Stainless Steel | Brass | Copper

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