Blossom of Existence

Discover the mystery and wonder of Pioneering the genesis of life on earth The sculpture represents the concept of the "origination of life on earth." Drawing inspiration from the Panspermia theory, Kardashev scale, and Fermi paradox, this sculpture is a stunning representation of extraterritorial life and their involvement in sowing the seeds of existence on earth. The sculpture features an extraterritorial creature emerging from a bed of one rose. The creature's head is fixed with fifty seven fully bloomed roses, which serve as its brain. The symbolism behind the fifty seven roses is both complex and poignant, representing the complexity of life and the vast potential that lies within the universe. The extraterritorial creature itself is a testament to the wonder and mystery of the cosmos. Its form is simultaneously otherworldly and organic, suggesting that life may exist beyond our planet in forms that we can scarcely imagine. The creature's presence in the sculpture serves as a reminder of the vastness of the universe and the possibility that we are not alone. In many cultures, roses are associated with the concept of creation and birth. By using a single rose as the foundation for the sculpture, represent my belief that life on earth may have originated from extraterrestrial sources. This idea is in keeping with the Panspermia theory, which suggests that life may have been brought to earth by comets or other celestial bodies. Dimensions: 96cm x 63cm x 66cm Materials: Stainless Steel | Brass

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